Black Genesis

Black Genesis

What a hoot. Here I am back at Edge TV preparing to interview the extraordinary Robert Bauval. Phil Gardiner, host of the esoteric talk show ‘Gardiner’s World’, asked if I would conduct half of Robert’s two hour interview, and needless to say I was delighted. I had prepared to chat with Robert about his illustrious career, but Phil has different ideas and at the last minute decides I should focus exclusively on Robert’s forthcoming book, Black Genesis. And so I do.

On the set of my interview with Robert Bauval

Robert is raring to go and requires little prompting; within seconds we’re knee deep into a discussion on Nabta Playa, the desolate region in Southern Egypt renowned for its ancient settlements and Neolithic stone circles with astronomical alignments. The title of his new book gives it all away. We’re talking about the genesis of Egyptian society and how it originated from this region several thousands of years before the Pharaohs.

After the show, and a couple of hours chatting in the green room, Robert and I are all over the place, talking about everything from bees to breakfast. Needless to say I found him engaging, dynamic and knowledgeable – a venerable rock star in a genre of garage bands.

So you know the rest; the book is going to be great. Black Genesis is due out in early 2010. Be sure not to miss it.


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