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Performing to camera, or being interviewed, is never easy, but like writing an article that captures and simplifies the essence of a complicated story, the result is rewarding and the process exhilarating. Thus, my media archives include an assortment of documentaries, movies and video, in addition to print.  I hope you find them both enjoyable and useful.


If you are not tired of seeing me on your favorite history channel by now then you may be soon.  Look for me on over 500 episodes of new and exciting history and mystery programs.

Please see the briefs below for details.

Secret Socities (2024)

I am excited to be working on my first television project with UNIFYD TV.

And what better way to kick things off than talking about some of my favourite subjects. In this case, Freemasonry, Illuminati and Bilderberg. As a former Freemason, I draw on my years of experience in the craft and share some things that I should probably have kept to myself.

We filmed at the Henley Business School, West of London, and there were some cracking presenters, including the Bilderberg expert and author Andrew Kakabadse.


Mysteries Of The Ancient Dead Series 2 (2024)

I love this show and am thrilled that its back for a second year.  What’s it all about?  It’s an investigation into the secrets of ancient civilizations, using their approach to death and the hereafter to shed new light on the great beyond. Season 1 was brilliant, and dare I say Season 2 looks to be even better. Look for MOTAD 2 on Apple TV, Sky Television, and other history channels near you.



Prime Suspect: Earth Series 2 (2024)

The Weather Channel are making documentary series – and man are they good!  I am especially pleased that Season 2 of Prime Suspect: Earth has been commissioned and should be live by summer 2024.

Season 2 picks up where the first series left off; fascinating investigations into some of the most notorious and mysterious events and disasters of our time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Who Killed Lawrence Of Arabia (2024)

I love researching historical conundrums, so when I was asked to contribute to the documentary Who Killed Lawrence Of Arabia?, I jumped at the chance.

While TE Lawrence was regarded as a hero by his adoring public (and for very good reason) he was mistrusted, not only the British Establishment, but by the Arabs, Zionists, Nazi’s and many other factions that may have wanted him ‘removed’ from the scene in the years leading up to WW2.

Why would anyone want Lawrence dead? When you are a spy by trade, nobody is entirely sure which side you’re on. It’s possible Lawrence was unsure of his own allegiances. Nevertheless, it appears he was murdered. The documentary reveals who may have been the culprit…

I’ll let you know where and when it’s out.

Filming at Jesus College, Oxford

New History Channel Series (2023)

The History Channel continues to broaden its impressive scope of History and Mystery programs, and this shoot along the River Thames in London sees the network forging new ground – so to speak. The forthcoming show explores the curious ways in which the formation of the Earth’s topography across the USA has shaped the countries history, and culture.

The series, whose name will be provided as and when available, is expected to air in late 2024. I’ll let you know when it’s out!

Presenting along the River Thames

Into The Vortex (2023)

I travelled from London (England) to Boulder (Colorado) to appear on GAIA’s popular television program, Into the Vortex, and it was worth the journey. Both host Jimmy Church and producer Sid Goldberg were sensational, and I loved the experience. What did Jimmy interview me about? Well, you will have to watch the show to find out, but I will tell you that it has to do with the possible location of the world’s most famous artefact from antiquity – which I believe, may be hidden in plain sight.

Look for the show on GAIA in early 2024.

On set with Jimmy and Sid

The Awakening Conference on GAIA (2022)

The Awakening Conference in Blackpool England has come and gone, but it will surely be remembered as the esoteric event of the year. Thanks to GAIA, you can relive the experience and the events many superb presentations.

Look for my presentation, ‘Are We Living Inside The Earth?”, where I explore the seemingly outlandish possibility that the human race may not be living on the outside of the earth, but rather in one of its interior layers. As incredible as it sounds, the evidence for this reality is supported by ancient mythology, scientific studies, NASA, whistle-blowers, declassified documents and more. What if the fundamental principles of our planet are radically different than what we’ve been taught? I explore the possibilities, as well as who would want to suppress this information, and why?

Presenting in Blackpool, at the Awakening Conference

Also look for me on the Speakers Panel segment:

Contributing On The Speakers Panel

Engineering Reborn (2022)

After many seasons of Abandoned Engineering I welcomed the chance to return to many of my favourite subject; architecture and engineering. Engineering Reborn is all that and more; an insight into how engineering icons of the past are transformed into inspirational beacons of the future.

Look for it on a history channel near you.

Mysteries Of The Ancient Dead (2022)

An investigation into the secrets of ancient civilizations, using their approach to death and the hereafter to shed new light on the great beyond. This documentary was right up my street. Many of my favourite subjects, only approached with a fresh pair of forensic eyes.

Available on a history channel near you.

Secrets Of the Super Factories Series 2 (2022)

What’s not to love about this show? Cameras go behind closed doors to reveal the smartest, biggest and greenest factories on earth – superfactories that make products of astonishing complexity, innovation and precision.

Available on UK Channel 4 and other regional history channels.

Secret Societies: In the Shadows (2022)

There is hardly a subject I like more than secret societies. Around the world, and throughout history, secret societies have bubbled under the surface. In crypts and clubhouses, under lock and key, in the darkest corners of the internet, they assemble for mysterious purposes.

Available on a history channel near you.


The Curse of the Highgate Vampire (2021)

I am pleased to have contributed to a documentary about the Highgate Vampire, for few mysteries have endured for half a century, like this one has. I am also fortunate to have interviewed the two prolific figures in the story, back in 2009. I speak, of course, of David Farrant and Sean Manchester. A decade ago my Arcadia Forum was the epicentre of the debate between the two; was there a vampire, or was the legendary figure lurking around Highgate an entity, conjured by Satanists in the late 60’s.

The Curse of the Highgate Vampire is now playing (streaming) on Discovery +. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed contributing to it (except for the late night filming)!

Filming in a local diner – very late at night.

The Alaska Triangle Series 2 (2021)

It’s back… In Series 1, I wondered why certain subjects were not featured, given their obvious connection to the underlying mysteries of Alaska. I later learned that the producers of the show wanted to play it ‘safe’ and ensure there was a second series. Sure enough, Series 2 is loaded with controversial subjects that are sure to inspire. Filming during Covid (or should I say, the ’scamdemic’) was also tricky, but we managed to get most of the episodes completed before the second lockdown. Look for the show on Discovery Science and the usual history channels across the globe in the spring of 2021.

Alaska is roughly the size of Europe. It’s massive, remote and secluded. This is why it is able to preserve its many secrets.

Conspiracies Decoded Series 1 (2020)

I love contributing to new shows, especially ones that cast a wide net on subjects of intrigue and espionage. We filmed Conspiracies Decoded in London at the very end of the first lockdown, and thus subjects such as Covid and 5G were very much top of mind. In fact, we featured the pandemic in one episode, and I was given free rein to comment on what I felt was an elite orchestrated fraud; in other words, a scamdemic. We will see what survives the edit and the inevitable network censorship. The fake Covid pandemic aside, there are loads of outstanding subjects that bring to light the fact that many mysteries are not what they seem once you lift the veil. Look for the new show in December of 2020 on Discovery Science and the usual global history channels.


In 2017 Americans in the US embassy in Havana suffered the apparently targeted effects of the ‘Havana syndrome’. Is 5G capable of working in a similar fashion?

Forbidden History Series 6 (2020)

Forbidden History remains my favourite show, in part due to the superb direction of my good friend Bruce Burgess, but also the fabulous subject matter. In the two-hour season premiere of Series 6, I travel to the Philippines to meet with ancient history expert Klaus Dona (also a good friend), and to explore his extraordinary excavation of Japanese treasure vaults from World War 2. The Japanese looted 12 Asian countries for almost 100 years; every museum piece, every gold bar, and more. I descend over 200 feet underground into man made tunnels to examine Klaus’s progress in opening the chambers. Like some shoots, not everything goes as planned, and I’ve written about the episode extensively, so please do check that out. Watch it on Discovery Science in the US, YESTERDAY in the UK and VIASAT in Europe.

215 feet underground in a Japanese treasure tunnel with Klaus Donna.

The Alaska Triangle Series 1 (2020)

I have been fascinated with the mysteries of Alaska for as long as I can remember. Thus, when asked to contribute to the exciting new series I simply said, “Yes, of course. When do we start?”. Ghost ships, pyramids, unexplained UFO activity, top secret military bases and legendary sea creatures are all part of first series – and more. I enjoyed the interviews very much – or at least as much as one can when filming in the freezing basement of an abandoned warehouse in Cardiff, Wales, in the dead of winter! What one does for their craft… Look for the show on Discovery Science by the end of 2019.

Freezing, while filming Series 1. I guess the extreme cold was planned, in order to get me in the mood for a show about Alaska.

Super Factories Series 1 (2019)

I regard the new series, ‘Super Factories’, as an extension of the current trend of looking at the physicality of modern history and gleaming the valuable yet forgotten insights and lessons that these remarkable structures embody. What I love about the show is the variety of subjects, from Brompton Bikes, Faber Castell, Frito Lay, Heinz, JCB, Jelly Belly, Maserati, STIHL, Nongshim, Yamaha Piano, Rold, Sandvik, Shoda Sauce, UPS, Strandberg, Victorinox, Tabasco and even NASA. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and if so, then these sensational factories are worthy of a novel. Look for this exciting new series on Discovery Science by the end of 2019.

Filming Series 1 of Super Factories.

Mysteries of The Abandoned Series 6 (2019)

I am excited to film yet more episodes of Abandoned Engineering (Europe) | Mysteries of the Abandoned (Americas). The episode topics continue to go from strength to strength, and Series 6 promises even more remarkable and mysterious locations. Look for the new series by the end of 2019 on the usual channels (UK: Yesterday | Americas: Discovery Science.

On the set of Series 6.


In Search Of Series 1 (2019)

I recently had the opportunity to return to Agadir, a city along Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast, in the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. The region fits the physical criteria of Plato’s Atlantis in surprisingly accurate fashion, as I had highlighted the year before for the documentary, ‘Mysteries of the Missing’, hosted by Terry O’Quinn, for the Science Channel. On this occasion, I had the honour to show Zachary Quinto around, for the ‘Atlantis’ episode of the re-launched ‘In Search Of’ show on the History channel. I was a big fan of the original, hosted by Leonard Nimoy, and had admired Zachary’s work for some time. We gelled well, and episode succeeds in illustrating the remarkable likeness that the sites in the area have in common with Plato’s Atlantis. Watch it now on the History Channel.

With Zachary, after a long day of filming in Atlantis.


Abandoned Engineering / Mysteries of The Abandoned Series 4 & 5 (2018 & 2019)

I am thrilled to be back for Season 4 of this popular show.  This year’s episodes are even more fascinating than before, and include Shawshank Prison / Ohio State Reformatory, the post-apocalyptic Villa Epecuén in Argentina, the haunting site of Craco, Italy, the remarkable tale of Henry Ford and Nuttallburg, West Virginia, and the intriguing legend of Owl Mountains, Poland, amongst many others. Look for the new series in late 2018 / early 2019.

Filming Series 4 of Abandoned Engineering / Mysteries of The Abandoned.


What On Earth Series 4/5 (2017 / 2018)

I’m grateful to have contributed to this popular Science Channel show since its inception, and am especially excited about this series as I get to travel to the far reaches of Europe in search of everything from evidence of King Arthur and the Round Table in Scotland, to the tomb of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) in Romania. I also travel to Morocco to explore what may be the oldest and most important stone circle in the world. Perhaps most fascinatingly of all, I travel to Yorkshire to investigate legends of Zombies. I write about the remarkable and apparently true account here. Do seek these episodes out if you have not already seen them, for they are riveting, and were awfully fun to film. I also contribute to a plethora of other episodes, as a subject area expert.

At Mzoura, an archaeological site in northern Morocco that may be the oldest and most important stonce circle in the world.

Nazi Victory Series 1 (2018)

It’s easy to forget how close Nazi Germany came to victory. In this new historical documentary, I contribute to episodes about a variety of lesser known aspects of the war, and the Nazi mind set. How close was Germany to invading America? What technology were they about to deploy? What if they had won? These are just a few of the questions that the show addresses. Look for Nazi Victory first on the UK YESTERDAY Channel, early in 2018.

Filming Nazi Victory.

Forbidden History Series 5 (2018)

Appearing in each episode and series of Forbidden History has been a hoot, and series 5 may be the most controversial yet. In the new series we examine The Historical Jesus Mystery, The Dead Sea Scrolls Conspiracy, Behind the Berlin Wall, The Real James Bond, The Nazi Treasure Quest and The Shadow Men. I prepped for the show on a recent trip to Jerusalem, including a visit to Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Look for Forbidden History Series 5 in the Spring of 2018, first on the UK YESTERDAY Channel.

Ancient Qumran. The cave where the first Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered is shown with the triangle entrance right-centre.

Mysteries of the Missing Series 1 (2017)

I am thrilled to contribute to this fascinating new series, presented by Emmy-winning actor Terry O’Quinn, who of course stared in “Lost”, one of my favourite shows of all-time.  The Science Channel describes it best: “In a modern world full of surveillance cameras, GPS and data tracking, it seems impossible that something or someone could simply disappear. But ships, planes, people and even places continue to vanish every year, without explanation. How can something so closely monitored, like Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 — the biggest aviation mystery of the 21st century, and the subject of the premiere episode — simply vanish? Other episodes detail Alcatraz escapees in 1962, “The Lost Colony” in 16th-century North Carolina, and the notorious Bermuda triangle.” My favourite, however, is the Atlantis episode, where I travel to deepest darkest Morocco to examine the impressive if not audacious research of the German scientist Michael Hübner, who proposed that Atlantis was situated at the Atlantic end of the Sous-Massa-Draa valley.

Standing on what may be the outer concentric circle of Atlantis.

Abandoned Engineering (2017)

As the saying goes – they probably seemed like good ideas at the time. The world is peppered with examples of incredible engineering projects and buildings designed to make life easier for those that used them, amaze those that came to see them, and make money for those that ordered, designed and built them. They were the stuff of dreams. In this fascinating new series, I examine a variety of abandoned sites, such as the Nazi ‘Holiday Camp’ in Prora Germany, New York’s High Line, the SS Oriskany in Florida and the Foreshore Freeway, Cape Town South Africa – all abandoned and seemingly useless constructions that have been given new vibrant leases of life. Look for Abandoned Engineering on Discover Science in early 2017.

Russia’s The Shukhov Tower. © Igor Kazus.


NASA’s Unexplained Mysteries Series 5 (2017)

Countless mysterious objects have been caught on camera by NASA. And many mysteries have been logged that have never been explained, until now. In this popular show, I present on a plethora of topics, including the curious case of the British naval officer and Arctic explorer who discovers a remote arctic Inuit tribe in Greenland. To his amazement the tribe are using iron tools and hunting weapons – they’ve even fashioned knives and forks out of the rare metal. Thanks to NASA, we learn that the source of their metal was a meteorite. Watch the latest series of NASA’s Unexplained Mysteries on the U.S. Science Channel in early 2017.

One of the meteorite fragments mined by the Inuit, now in the American Museum of Natural History.


Forbidden History Series 4 (2017)

It’s back. Series 4 returns with more sensational topics and locations, including an episode that I film with host Jamie Theakston in Rome, entitled ‘Secrets of the Vatican’. Look for FH4 on the Yesterday Channel in the UK and the American Heroes Channel (AHC) in the U.S. and other history channels worldwide.


In a Mithraeum, beneath a basilica in Rome.
What does this have to do with Secrets of the Vatican? Tune in to FH4 and find out.


Ancient Top 10 (2017)

Ancient Top 10 is a fast paced new series that examines, as the title suggests, the Top 10 features of a genre, category or place, such as Ancient Egypt. Look for Top 10 on the U.S. Discovery Channel and other history channels in your region.


Filming Top Ten Series One, in Cardiff


What on Earth Series 3, 4 and 5 (2016)

In the latest series of the popular show, I examine a selection of bizarre phenomena with the help of journalists, geophysicists, archaeologists, crime scene investigators and other experts. The series travels to Vietnam, Peru and to the middle of the ocean this season to get to the bottom of images caught on camera by hundreds of eyes in the sky that range from seemingly odd geological occurrences and strange man-made structures to chance sightings of the unexplained.


 On the set of What on Earth Series 3


World War Weird (2016)

In this brand new series I examine the mysteries and historical oddities of World War One and World War Two. This fascinating new documentary reveals the truth about many previously kept secrets and conspiracies. Look for it on the UK Yesterday Channel, and other history channels in your region.


 Filming WWW in the basement of St Pancras Church, London


Ancient Assassins (2016)

From Ancient Greece to marauding Viking hordes, rulers and conquerors have always needed elite combat troops. Each episode of Ancient Assassins illustrates the tactics of these highly trained killers, skilled to perfection in a variety of lethal arts—even going so far as to mimic movements of wild animals. Series 2 of Ancient Assassins is out now and is even better than the first series, with episodes on Vlad The Impaler, Beautiful Samurai, Rome’s Navy Seals, and many more. Look for Ancient Assassins on the American Heroes Channel (AHC) in the U.S. and other history channels worldwide.


Vlad The Impaler


What on Earth Series 2 (2016)

Next up is Series 2 of the successful and fascinating 6-part Science Channel series, spanning over 20 different instances of anomalous, curious or unexplained images on earth, as captured by satellite images from space. I present as a subject area expert in each episode, and attempt to make sense of the evocative images while addressing such questions as, are they for real? Are they man made or are they natural? What do they truly reveal? I don’t think I have ever had as much fun, or spoken about such a wide a range of fresh new subjects, in my life. Look for What on Earth on the Science Channel, in 2016.


One of the many mysteries sites I examine in
Series 2 of What on Earth


Forbidden History Series 3 (2016)

This highly successful show enters its third season, and this six-part series, like the others, is directed by Bruce Burgess for the UK’s Yesterday Channel. As in Forbidden History, Series 1 (2013) and Series 2 (2014), I appear as a subject-area enthusiast in support of the series host, the engaging English television and radio presenter, Jamie Theakston. The topics covered in FH3 are even more provocative and fascinating than ever. Sadly, the content is confidential until the show airs later in 2015, on UK Yesterday and in the United States on AHC.


During the interviews for FH3


Inside Secret Socities (2016)

This 6-part series for the Discovery Channel was one of the most exciting shoots I have participated in for some time. Sadly, although understandably, the content of the show remains confidential until it airs in the US in 2016. I participate as a subject area expert in 4 episodes, and filmed on location in Paris and in the South of France. As more details become available, I will be sure to let you know.

Secrets of the Underworld

Filming in France for an episode for Secrets of the Underworld


What on Earth Series 1 (2015)

This fascinating 6-part series spans over 20 different instances of anomalous, curious or unexplained images on earth, as captured by satellite images from space. I present as subject area expert in each episode, and attempt to make sense of the evocative images while addressing such questions as, are they for real? Are they man made or are they natural? What do they truly reveal? I don’t think I have ever had as much fun, or spoken about such a wide a range of fresh new subjects, in my life. Look for What on Earth on the Science Channel, showing now.


What can we learn about history and life by studying images from space such as this one?


Inquisition (2014)

This four-part series was directed by Bruce Burgess for the UK’s Yesterday Channel. The documentary examines the brutal and tragic exterminations, called ‘Inquisitions’, of the Cathars, Spanish Jews, Tudor heretics and Salem witches. Each was a form of genocide and each changed the course of history. Sadly, genocide such as this continues to this day, and highlighting this fact was the reason I was so drawn to the project. Should episodes become available on YouTube, or in other regions, I will post them here.

TV & Film

In Carcassonne, one of the many sites that witnessed the crusade against the Cathars


Forbidden History, Series 2 (2014)

This six-part series was directed by Bruce Burgess for the UK’s Yesterday Channel. Like Forbidden History, Series 1 (2013), I appear as a subject-area enthusiast in support of the series host, the engaging English television and radio presenter, Jamie Theakston. The scope of the series encapsulates many of the subjects that I have researched for years, so I was thrilled to be part of it.

I also enjoyed participating with Jamie, on location, for the Oracle of the Dead episode, where we go in search of the real, historical Hades of Greek mythology. Episodes include: Nikola Tesla; The Illuminati; Nazi UFOs; The Lost City of Petra; The Oracle of the Dead and The Real Holy Grail. Should episodes become available on YouTube, or in other regions, I will post them here.

TV & Film

Leading Jamie around the ancient site of Baia


TV & Film

Presenting in Delphi


Forbidden History, Series 1 (2013)

I gravitate towards all things esoteric. Fortunately, so does the Forbidden History Director, Bruce Burgess. Although we had previously worked on another documentary (still in post-production), this was our first real project together. I appear as a subject-area enthusiast in all six of the episodes, which are hosted by the amiable English television and radio presenter, Jamie Theakston. We shot my pieces to camera in my then home, in London’s Shoreditch, and I am quite pleased with how it all came out.

Presenting on Forbidden History Series I


Series I included the following episodes: The Bloodline of Christ, The Secrets of the Alchemists, The Third Secret of Fatima, The Mystery of the Giants, The Lost Treasures of the Templars and The Treasure of Solomon.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Myth Hunters, Series 3, Episode: ‘Yamashita Gold (2014)

I have always been fascinated by the remarkable story of Rogelio Roxas, the locksmith, turned treasure hunter, and his discovery of what was arguably the greatest lost treasure of the last 100 years: war loot, amassed by Japanese forces and hidden in the Philippines during the Second World War. Roxas’ extraordinary discovery was stolen by the former Philippine president, Ferdinand Marcos, contributing to the ruler’s wealth – and corruption. Look for ‘Yamashita Gold, to which I contribute as a subject-area enthusiast, worldwide, on the History and Discovery channels.

TV & Film

Some of the gold bars Roxas discovered in the Philippines


Myth Hunters, Series 3, Episode: Charley Clusker and the Lost Ship of the Mojave Desert (2014)

I love a story that recalls a remarkable and little known period in history. Such is the tale of Charley Clusker, a treasure hunter extraordinaire who participated in the California Gold Rush, and later quested in the pursuit of a lost treasure ship in the Mojave Desert. Look for Charley Clusker and the Lost Ship of the Mojave Desert, to which I contribute as a subject-area enthusiast, worldwide, on the History and Discovery channels.

TV & Film

The California Gold Rush


Ancient Black Ops, Series 3, Episode: The Viking Varangian Guard (2014)

As I live in Istanbul, I was delighted to participate in an episode of the popular television series about the unconventional, but extremely effective, force of elite Viking warriors who protected the Byzantine emperors. Inexplicably, the violent, Pagan-worshipping guards of the emperors of Constantinople were the most effective warriors of their, or possibly any other, era. This episode debuted on the UK’s Yesterday Channel and is being distributed globally on similar stations.

TV & Film

Andrew in front of the Viking graffiti in Hagia Sophia


The Nazi Temple of Doom
National Geographic Channel and UK Channel 5 (2012)

Few eras in modern times were as important, and affecting, as the closing months of the Second World War. Behind the scenes, the Germans had stockpiled an astonishing collection of esoteric artifacts; objects that reflected the regime’s obsession with the occult and their perceived Aryan past. I was pleased to have had the opportunity to present the fascinating tale of one such artifact, the Chiemsee Cauldron, and the tangled web of intrigue that its discovery exposed. I write about the peculiar story in my article, The Nazi Occult Agenda.

TV & Film

Presenting in Munich


The Truth Behind King Arthur
National Geographic Channel (2011)

Arthur is one of the most enduring figures in history, and I was elated to present in this superb investigation of the legendary King of Britain. I write about the memorable episode here (link to our newly added article on this subject), where I express my views more freely – that the story we all know and love is an archetype and not an historical account of any particular individual.

TV & Film

Flying over Tintagel


Nostradamus & the End Times: Prophecies of the Apocalypse
Reality Films (2010)

Directed by James Earnshaw and written by Brian Allan, this documentary explores the truth concealed in the quatrains of Nostradamus, and how we have interpreted them. I present by reading from the quatrains and offering narration on their possible meaning.

The Trailer


The documentary is available on Amazon here: Amazon US, Amazon UK.

TV & Film

The Quatrains


The Alien Within (2011)
(Unreleased – still in post-production)

In The Alien Within I have written, and presented, a documentary about the Alien Abduction phenomenon that challenges conventional beliefs and examines the possibility that the experiences of those who have been visited or abducted by aliens might not be extra-terrestrial in nature, but rather inter-terrestrial. The impressive cast includes Nick Pope, Colin Wilson, Lynn Picknett, Susan Blackmore, Brigitte Barclay and Marc Gordon Hendley Bell.

TV & Film

With Susan Blackmore


Mystical Legends – Girona, A City Of Secrets (2010)

This independent documentary was written by my friend, Carrie Kirkpatrick, and was inspired by my friend, Patrice Chaplin, whose book, City of Secrets, had just revealed an alleged connection between Rennes-le-Château and Girona in Catalonia, Spain. In fact, this marked my first appearance in a documentary.

TV & Film

The mysterious tower


You can watch it in its entirety here:


The Hidden Hive of History

As a full time businessman, I struggle to complete some of my personal projects. This is especially true of my book, The Hidden Hive of History, which continues to be a work in progress until I can allocate the time to write it all down. I do, however, remain an active presenter on the subject of the lost tradition of bee-goddess veneration, and various presentations and interviews have been recorded that provide some insight into my research.

TV & Film

A work in progress…



I have researched a variety of historical and esoteric subjects, some of which are available on YouTube, others on Amazon, and still others on assorted websites. The following pots and pans comprise some of the highlights of this media:

Cybele, The (Bee) Goddess Who Fell to Earth, with the The College of the Melissa (October 28th 2021)

A few years ago, I had the good fortune to participate in a College of The Melissae sacred bee symposium in Findhorn Scotland, hosted by the College’s Director, my good friend Laura Bee. When Laura asked if I would contribute to the Colleges Bees, Dreams and Medicine program, I jumped at the chance, especially as I was asked to speak about one of my favourite subjects, the bee goddess Cybele.



I have written a considerable amount about Cybele, a goddess that I had not really appreciated until my friend and colleague, Mark Foster, brought her to my attention one evening at London’s Soho House. Since then, I have journeyed through Turkey and Italy in hopes of recounting the travels of her most famous manifestation – a meteorite that was the cherished in antiquity, and I argue – still is, although not in the form people recognise today. What exactly do I mean? You will have to listen to my presentation to find out.

Thank you to Laura Bee for allowing me to link to it here.

I hope you enjoy it.

Occult London Presentation, with the The College of Psychic Studies (June 4th 2021)

I wrote about Occult London back in 2012, and when the College of Psychic Studies asked me to present on this fascinating subject I jumped at the chance. Especially since I was keen to showcase my new material and research.

You can watch it here (courtesy of the London’s College of Psychic Studies) or click on the image below.

Megalithomania Conference Interview (2012)


Megalithomania, Glastonbury, 12 May 2012: The Hidden Hive of History + Interview


TV & Film

The Moore Show, 13 March 2012


TV & Film

The Esoteric Flight of the Humble Bee – 3rd ARC Convention, February 2011


TV & Film

Type 1 Radio Lounge with Andrew Gough, 21 April 2012

Truthjuice Bristol, The Hidden Hive of History: The Forgotten God of the Ancients


Coast to Coast – January 2013

Show details.

Red Ice Radio – Andrew Gough – Hour 1 – The Sacred Veneration of the Honey Bee, 25 February 2012

The Heretic Magazine Video Editorial:

Volume 1


Volume 2


Volume 3


Volume 4


Volume 5


The Heretic Magazine‘s Andrew Gough interviews Patrice Chaplin


TV & Film

William Henry’s Revelations, Stargate Radio: The Heretic Magazine, 14 August 2012

William Henry’s Revelations, Stargate Radio: Rennes-le-Château, 9 May 2013

Radio Rennessence

Between June 2007 and August 2009 my friends, Corjan de Raaf and Philip Coppens, and I collaborated on an internet radio programme, in which we interviewed a wide variety of Rennes-le-Château-related subject-area experts.  The popular show provided listeners with a mixture of perspectives, and accents. The archive of interviews is kindly hosted by Corjan, on his outstanding Rennes-le-Château website. Rest in peace, Philip.


The Holy Grail: Bloodlines and Secrets

UK Amazon

US Amazon

Lost Ancient Wisdom – From the Atlantis Rising Anthology Library (DVD)

Amazon UK

The Esoteric World

UK Amazon

US Amazon

The Dan Brown Companion (Hardcover – 1 March 2007)

Amazon US


I have dabbled in movies and have starred in one film, The Stone (2010), and taken a supporting role in another, Paranormal Haunting: The Curse of the Blue Moon Inn. If truth be known, I never dreamed I would act in a film, and I am probably taking liberties by suggesting that my performances constitute acting, but my association with Philip Gardiner on his then TV show, Gardiner’s World, where I occasionally presented, led to my decision to give it a go. To my surprise, I loved the process, the discipline and the creativity, and hope to do more acting in the future. So, if there are any casting agents out there, you know where to find me.


The Stone

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Promotional photo for The Stone


When I was asked to star in the supernatural thriller, The Stone, I was bemused.  The director had informed me that he had written the part – a lead role – just for me. I was flattered, especially as I had never acted before. I expressed my concerns over my qualifications, to which he responded: ‘Not to worry. I’ve modelled the character after you; he masquerades as an occultist, drinks too much, is a womaniser, and a complete fraud.’ ‘Cheers,’ I thought. ‘That’s awfully nice of you.’ Back-handed compliments aside, I took the part and never looked back. However, maybe I should have. The movie never made it to the cinemas, although I held a private showing in London at Shoreditch House. It was a great night. I blogged about the experience here, and trailers for the movie (which is available on Amazon) can be found here:

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Paranormal Haunting: The Curse of the Blue Moon Inn

Hot on the heels of The Stone, I took a part in the director’s next film, another supernatural thriller, which, like The Stone, was set in the English countryside and loosely based on local legends. This time I played a Professor of Astronomy from North Wales, who was dating his significantly younger student. I wondered if the director was trying to tell me something. What sticks in my mind are the surreal dream sequences where I am terrorised by women, as a revenge for my chauvinistic behaviour.  Oh, and my death, as usual, is epic. At the risk of spoiling the plot, you can see me dripping blood onto the camera lens in the film’s trailer. Not an auspicious beginning to a film career? Is this how Vincent Price began? I wonder.

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A most surreal dream sequence


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