Who Killed Lawrence Of Arabia?

Who Killed Lawrence Of Arabia?

I love researching historical conundrums, so when I was asked to contribute to the documentary Who Killed Lawrence Of Arabia?, I jumped at the chance.

While TE Lawrence was regarded as a hero by his adoring public (and for very good reason) he was mistrusted, not only the British Establishment, but by the Arabs, Zionists, Nazi’s and many other factions that may have wanted him ‘removed’ from the scene in the years leading up to WW2.

Why would anyone want Lawrence dead? When you are a spy by trade, nobody is entirely sure which side you’re on. It’s possible Lawrence was unsure of his own allegiances. Nevertheless, it appears he was murdered. The documentary reveals who may have been the culprit…

I’ll let you know where and when it’s out.

Filming at Jesus College, Oxford


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