The Treasure of Solomon in Istanbul

The Treasure of Solomon in Istanbul

In my latest article, I chronicle the plight of history’s most infamous relics from their capture in Jerusalem to Rome, Carthage and finally Constantinople, and explore the possibility that some may remain hidden in plain sight in the Privy Chamber of Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace (among other local sites).


I love Istanbul, as you know, and it was a joy to conduct this research. I hope you like it.

You can read it here:


  1. Butterfly 7 years ago

    I love every scope of the history of this primal civilization!Theology of any philosophy is the greatest window into the unknown passage through life’s course. Knowledge is power but the power to KNOW THE KNOWLEDGE is the key to every passage one may come to face!
    Please..more of what you’ve provided can only benefit our world as we know it today!! Thank you!
    A Gypsy

    • Author
      Andrew Gough 7 years ago

      Very kind of you. Thank you for that!


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