The Awakening Conference

The Awakening Conference

The Awakening Conference in Blackpool England has come and gone, but it will surely be remembered as the esoteric event of the year. Thanks to GAIA, you can relive the experience and the events many superb presentations.

Look for my presentation, ‘Are We Living Inside The Earth?”, where I explore the seemingly outlandish possibility that the human race may not be living on the outside of the earth, but rather in one of its interior layers. As incredible as it sounds, the evidence for this reality is supported by ancient mythology, scientific studies, NASA, whistle-blowers, declassified documents and more. What if the fundamental principles of our planet are radically different than what we’ve been taught? I explore the possibilities, as well as who would want to suppress this information, and why?

Also look for me on the speakers panel, with my friends and distinguished fellow speakers:


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