TEDx Meets 1984

TEDx Meets 1984

In 2021, author and Reverend David William Parry invited me to give a TEDx talk in London. I had presented at David’s annual Nephilim Anthropology Conference since it’s conception and enjoyed his unique perspective on things.

I was thrilled to have been asked and quickly developed a dialogue based on my research into the veneration of the honeybee. I called it, ‘The Good Life and the Honey Bee’. I practiced delivering it dozens of times and was excited to present it.

I arrived early, knowing that I was the last presenter of the day. I thought it good form to listen to all the others. The night before, heavy rains had triggered a local flood and damaged the official TEDx auditorium. David and his team quickly constructed a makeshift stage in an adjoining room, and talks were spared.

Respectfully, to my surprise many of the speakers were neither polished nor practiced. Still, I provided my support with applause and encouraging nods of approval. Moments before I was scheduled to go on, David called for an intermission. Nobody returned. When I hit the stage, the room was empty, and I consciously, defiantly, elevated my energy to compensate, and made noble gestures to a non-existent audience.

I was generally happy with my performance, given that the conditions were far from optimal, and eagerly awaited its release. Weeks passed, then months. No joy. Then I heard the news. My talk had been added to a long queue of others that required editing, for I had uttered the word ‘Illuminati’. Welcome to 1984.

Alas, the talk has been released, albeit two years later. I hope you enjoy it. Needless to say, every TEDx talk has its tale…and now that you know mine, you may watch it here.


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