My Cybele Talk for the College Of The Melissa

My Cybele Talk for the College Of The Melissa

A few years ago, I had the good fortune to participate in a College of The Melissae sacred bee symposium in Findhorn Scotland, hosted by the College’s Director, my good friend Laura Bee. When Laura asked if I would contribute to the Colleges Bees, Dreams and Medicine program, I jumped at the chance, especially as I was asked to speak about one of my favourite subjects, the bee goddess Cybele.



I have written a considerable amount about Cybele, a goddess that I had not really appreciated until my friend and colleague, Mark Foster, brought her to my attention one evening at London’s Soho House. Since then, I have journeyed through Turkey and Italy in hopes of recounting the travels of her most famous manifestation – a meteorite that was the cherished in antiquity, and I argue – still is, although not in the form people recognise today. What exactly do I mean? You will have to listen to my presentation to find out.

Thank you to Laura Bee for allowing me to link to it here.

I hope you enjoy it.


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