Bees In Space

Bees In Space

I am excited to have embarked on this fabulous journey of discovery about the honeybee, its origins in space, and its countless esoteric connections here on earth. Joining me, is Laura Bee, the founder of the College of the Melissae. Actually, Laura does all the heavy lifting, and I just try and keep up.

As an intuitive and experienced beekeeper, Laura brings fresh insight into the real world nature of the honeybee and its spiritual connections, while I focus more on the historical and esoteric elements of bee veneration. Together, we hope that our mix of honeybee yin and yang will make for compelling viewing.

The Podcast is intended to be raw, spontaneous and innovative. We hope you like it.

Episode One: Why Bees In Space?

Episode Two: The mysteries of Çatalhöyük, and how the famous settlement gave birth to many mystic bee and goddess traditions – and much, much more.


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