Bees-Dreams-Medicine Conference

Bees-Dreams-Medicine Conference

I am pleased to announce my participation in the Bees-Dreams-Medicine conference next October Oct 28 (12–2pm Pacific Time).

Those familiar with my research, writing, and passion for bees and the esoteric aspects of bee veneration will understand how much I look forward to this event. I will be speaking about a topic that I have researched for years, the Goddess Cybele. I entitle the presentation, ‘Cybele: The (Bee) Goddess Who Fell to Earth’.

In my presentation I will discuss how ancient Rome was a pagan nation that venerated many arcane goddesses and gods. Incredibly, one of the most noteworthy was a stone from heaven, revered as the mother goddess, which quite literally became the queen bee of all deities, a bee goddess known as Cybele aka the Magna Mater or “Great Mother.” I will recount my travels through ancient Anatolia and Rome, where I retrace the origins of what is arguably the most adorned goddess in history. Controversially, I will present evidence that the meteorite famously worshipped as Cybele is one and the same as the Holy Grail and the black stone of Mecca, the most exalted object on earth.

There are twelve distinguished presentations in total and you can check them out here:

I hope you can sign up for the whole event. It promises to be illuminating.



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