This is the story of Will, an informant who in 2006 disclosed his alleged involvement in a covert, state of the art treasure quest off the coast of Oak Island, Nova Scotia; the treasure island of legend and the source of considerable speculation and intrigue down through the years. Those not familiar with Oak Island’s place in history may want to take a moment to review its celebrated past.

Oak Island Nova Scotia – site of Will’s alleged discovery

Will first contacted me during the height of the Rennes-le-Château genre’s fascination with Mary Magdalene; did she travel to the South of France and had her body just been discovered in a nearby tomb? That was the debate De Jour at the time, and Will was part of a research team who were studying clues that appeared connected to Rennes-le-Château. However their interest soon faded, and as quickly as Will had surfaced, he disappeared.

An Oak Island Stone Inscription – now lost, was discovered and transcribed in 1866 and believed to state: “Forty Feet below two million pounds are buried”
© http://www.activemind.com

Several months passed before Will resumed contact. Based on our brief exchange it was apparent that his team had moved on from Rennes-le-Château and were focused elsewhere. After a couple of rather cryptic emails, Will’s tone changed quite dramatically. He now spoke with confidence and excitement, and I would soon learn why. Will began to report that the research team had made a spectacular discovery in the waters off Oak Island. Allegedly, they had discovered the body of a biblical patriarch buried in a peculiar capsule along with ancient, possibly Knights Templar related relics. The discovery had effectively broken the mystery wide open, and the finds, which I was told exceeded any and all expectations, would ultimately lead the exploration team to the jungles of Panama and Costa Rica, lands not previously associated with sacred relics and treasure. Needless to say, the story was sensational, and I remember thinking, “if only it could be believed”.

Could Costa Rica and the jungles of Panama be related to the mystery of Oak Island?

I published Will’s story on my Oak Island Discussion Forum and News Feed and controversy quickly ensued. Most were skeptical – and rightly so, and many questioned my decision to report the unsubstantiated story in the first place. But there was something about Will’s unassuming style, not to mention the things he shared in confidence that persuaded me to keep listening. A reader’s poll in my Forum concluded that I should continue to report the story despite its controversial claims, and so I did.

Will’s story unfolded over several months and what first appeared as peculiar soon morphed to sensational and implausible. His communications tailed off for a second time in early 2007 before resuming nine months later in the guise of a colleague named John Falshire, who was now speaking on Will’s behalf. I was informed that Will had gone underground, having fallen out with the research team over a variety of issues, including having supposedly violated their confidentiality agreements.

This is Will’s story, which I share not for his  benefit but for mine, as researchers and authorities continue to inquire about the story’s origins – bits and pieces of which they have picked up from my Forum whilst searching on Google. The story to-date goes something like this.

A team of nearly two dozen interdisciplinary specialists ranging from historians and scientists to botanists and geologists were funded by a powerful London billionaire with Masonic affiliations to search for a treasure off the shores of Oak Island, Nova Scotia.

Photo © Energy Mines and Resources 1931;
Courtesy http://www.oakislandsociety.ca/

Will’s participation in the research team stemmed from his family’s relationship with the project head and funder – the London billionaire, and as it turns out both families are household names – old money. Although Will’s role did not appear central to the quest, he appeared to get on well with the rest of the team, at least at the start. Together, Will and the research team worked undercover and were said to have persuaded local authorities to look the other way as they deployed high-tech underwater navigation and excavation equipment off the shore of the island. Will explains:

“…It’s not difficult to pay off a Canadian mounted who makes less than $40K a year. The man I used to work for bought a blind eye, everywhere we landed or showed up.”

Apparently, the research team had enlisted the support of the Oak Island locals well in advance of their expedition:

“We paid two fishermen to utilize some basic sonar / GPS equipment to locate our tube approx. 7 months before recovery. The tube was on the sea bed until about 175 yards from the shoreline of both Isles.”

Before long the team discovered a tubular capsule imprinted with what appeared to be a Knights Templar seal. The capsule, which was made of extremely hard balsa wood and secured with hardened tar, contained 14 crest-wraps each emblazoned with a family crest; one of which appeared to be that of the biblical patriarch King David. Curiously, shortly after this disclosure, Will encouraged my Forum bloggers to study the significance of King David’s wife, but did not say why.

King David with his wife, Bathsheba: David and Bathsheba, by Lucas Cranach, 1526

After digesting Will’s latest update, I proceeded to publish a news item on the auspicious date of 17 January 2007. It read:

“Reports indicate that the capsule contains the bones of ‘someone extremely important, wrapped in muslin and cloth, coated with amber and tar.’ Additionally, the team is said to have discovered a ring and gem within the capsule, with unusual markings.

Further still, it has been reported that members of the research team who have come in contact with the capsule have encountered peculiar near death experiences, only to have inexplicably survived.”

The capsule, body and other relics were then flown to a secret location in New Zealand and then on to London where they were x-rayed and studied under high security by the team’s specialists. Will comments on the security:

“ALL cellphones with photo capabilities, all digital cameras, and pretty much anything electronic was removed from everyone’s persons within 500 feet of the find. They were dead serious about absolute privacy. 6 of the 8 guards were hired hands from Europe and Israel. Retired mercs, I presume. They were dead serious about their security briefings and such. Very militant in their activities and details. Borderline scary people til you got to chatting with them.”

Around this time Will became disenchanted with certain senior members of the research team. Evidently, they had treated him disrespectfully and this appeared to spur him on to share further details of the excavation and to respond to the predominantly negative treatment he was receiving on my Forum. Clearly he was upset, and keen to set the record straight:

“I just finished reading one thread. Mr. Ranville’s ‘water gates’ theory is correct. But I am not sure he even understands what water gates referred to. I know this for FACT: The capsule was pushed back and forth (it was water-sealed with heavy tar) between two islands, via an awesome and elaborate tube system. Based on pressure, waves, the tide, etc, the capsule would pass through ‘gates’ (kinda like a switch-rail switching a train from one track to another).

“I believe the tubing structure was much MUCH longer than 300 yards. And yes, it did connect between two isles.  The tubes were approximately 145 ft. below the isles. The capsule moved back and forth with all the elements in place to keep it hidden, forever. If a hole was opened somewhere, gravity and physics would pressurize the capsule to push along the tubes to an opposite location. Whoever created the system was a universal genius for sure.”

Map of Oak Island: © Joe Nickell


Most of Will’s emails were sent via a Blackberry enabled phone and lacked grammatical sensitivity. Many seemed rushed as if sent under duress, but they continued to filter in. A few weeks later, Will emailed to say that 72 straight hours of extremely delicate work had resulted in the top layer of the intricate tube structure being removed. The research team was now reporting that there was a capsule within a capsule, covered in silver or tin-like metal and brushed to a high sheen. And one of the scientists believed it to be silver paint on muslin, hardened by an ancient process.

Intriguingly, Will reported that Zygophyllum Dumosum petals, pollen traces the likes of which were discovered on the Turin Shroud, had been discovered in near perfect condition at the head of the tomb, leading the team’s botanist to comment:

“It’s like they were just put in the capsule. Uncanny.” 

Zygophyllum Dumosum:
Found on the Turin Shroud, and allegedly on the Oak Island Capsule

Will’s emails became less frequent and his tone less jovial. Furthermore, his status in the research team appeared precarious. If he had ever been part of the inner circle, then he certainly was not any longer. He appeared distant from the team’s nucleus, having commented for instance, that:

 “Solomon’s name was brought up several times, but I am not sure in what context.”

Will continued to request that I post his messages ‘as is’ on my Forum, but few of the Oak Island bloggers were buying it, despite the fact that some of the discussion treads had tens of thousands of hits. Will indicated that the Forum bloggers should stop bickering and unite their efforts; a theme he felt strongly about and which he would reinforce on several occasions. Once such message was particularly interesting, and hinted at his growing impatience:

“Post this EXACTLY to all your threaders:

Dear Oak Isle threaders;

When you have 4 billion dollars – papers, standards, rules of Government, and regulated protocol goes out the window.  Trust me.  It’s not difficult to pay off a Canadian mounted who makes less than 40K a year.  The man I used to work for bought a blind eye, everywhere we landed or showed up.

When the capsule was removed t was just a large, hunking piece of tar (literally).  Imagine the capsule that Spock was placed in and shot into space in Star Trek III(?). Identical, yet more hideous. It was just a lump of “something.” Not a body. Not bones. No proof of nothing.

I am believing more and more that the bones rumoured to be inside the capsule is not of Christ, but that of KING DAVID – but his remains lead to Christ.

I personally saw the seals (about 4 ft away). I personally saw the Templar’s crest (which looks NOTHING like that crappy Da Vinci Code movie or any junk you see in books; revisionists love creating their own fantasy), the emblazoned / branded wax inset into the wood that said KING DAVID in a language that could only be translated by the highest-ranked Mason I have ever met (the billionaire, himself). I believe he was a Rosicrucian of the highest order. I mean TOP of the chart, or one level into the next step up from Grand Master. He donned rings with symbols I have never seen. He wore inter-twining bracelets with key codes, metallic latches that revealed other symbols, etc etc etc. Too much to describe here.

I understand your doubt, but frankly – I don’t care. I am here. You are there. Instead of fighting amongst yourselves – starting busting your rump to investigate King David, his inner sanctum of friends, his closest female companion, and his direct link to Jesus Christ, King of the Jews.

Also, the Nolan cross is valid, and the large map with the pentagram has truth to it.  Not much, but some truth. The penta is MUCH larger, but oddly the same as something I have seen before. Also, Jo Atherton isn’t as far off as you think in her theories and quips.  Not accurate, but not dead wrong, either.

Also, there is much to be found on Oak Isle. The “treasure trove” is still waiting to be found. Whomever posted a whining little gripe about Canada’s rights to these items is ludicrous. Stop thinking like a damn Canadian, and start thinking like a historian. Canada has rights to the bones of King David and his items? THE WORLD DOES.

Also, I can’t read your threads anymore cause all you do is fight among yourselves – instead of solving issues and discovering truths. You’re all wrong. You’re all right. Now stop fighting, and start digging.

My name is Will.  Andy, keep my last name – private.  (Thank you.)”

The Money Pit today: © http://www.oakislandtreasure.co.uk/

And so Will’s messages became progressively more agitated in tone. He was frustrated, and in one instance he requested that I post the following reply to a Forum blogger who had questioned how the research team could have excavated in the small and private Oak Island community without being detected:

“Mr. Hennigar

My name is Will. You wouldn’t have seen anyone digging or excavating on Oak Isle. Or, any Isle for that matter. We were 300 yards from the shores, using a submersible – to tweak the tubing system that harboured a tar-capsule that has moved back and forth between islands since (at least) 200 A.D.

This is the first (and last) time I will mention how our efforts truly went about near those islands (cause otherwise I’ll be sued into the Stone Age by a very powerful group of individuals that some compare to the supposedly non-existent Illuminata).

The capsule settled in the lowest part of this thatch and tar tubing system, and we retrieved the item of interest. Basic physics. The key was not digging on any islands, which caused a reverse vacuum of sorts for this sliding capsule.

Is there additional traditional treasure on this island? Most likely. Not in the manner of the Pharaohs (who died with all their treasures), but definitely some very valuable things.

Good day.

– Will


The Spanish shoe was a decoy to throw off the hunt in 1755 or so.

The engraved rock was not.

The pentagram map has validity to it, but I don’t know its relevancy in relation to other treasure, etc.

There is something on Birch Isle that could retire most men, but I am not sure exactly what it is – but I am 100% positive it exists.  The staff of King David or some sort of sceptre?  There were no plans to return to search for it. The capsule was found, and that was the only goal.”

Birch Island in relation to Oak Island. © http://oakislandtreasurenewsarchives.blogspot.com

Just when it seemed the story could not get any weirder, Will contacted me to report that the team had travelled to the jungles of Panama City and Costa Rica in order to complete their quest, and that they were led there by the information uncovered off Oak Island. Will’s email read:

“They arrived in Panama this morning.

I shall keep you informed. It is strongly believed this could be the wild goose chase part of this adventure. Only two of the original crew believe the capsule information was intending to lead to THIS jungle.

The rest (including a world-class cryptologist) believes the discovery will be made off the coast of Costa Rica, just west of Liberia……….not Panama.”

Old Panama City

I reported the story on my news feed on the 12th of March 2007:

“Oak Island Expedition Heads to the Jungle.

The alleged discovery in Oak Island of a capsule containing bones and relics of an ancient patriarch has taken a dramatic new twist.  The expedition, which started in Oak Island before moving to Auckland, New Zealand and finally London (where the discovery was analysed) is now headed to Panama City where a dig is planned in the ancient jungles nearby.”

The jungles of Panama

I proceeded to summarise the story to date, adding a quote from Will that was especially intriguing:

“A dive will take place there (in a hole in the jungle), and I am NOT sure of what or whom they are searching for. I believe it might be THE Mary or someone named Mary.”

While Will continued to update the story he was also busy defending further assaults in my Forum:


I wish to respond directly and openly with the individual who said I was trying to embarrass you in any way. I am not upset, because it’s ludicrous from where I am standing (and knowing what I DO know……and some of the things that still remain a mystery to me)…..

Let me know how to do this or proceed.

Between you and I ……..the capsule is a FACT. It is REAL. It’s borderline eerie. I am 1-million percent convinced that an ultra-major discovery was made the night we went out on the boat.

I tried to convey what I saw (from afar) to you (days later, of course) without losing focus….plus convey what chatter I heard, which was sketchy at best. I NEVER was allowed to handle the capsule, the artifacts, the seals, the heart-shield, NOTHING. Very few were.

Whether the pollen was during Christ or not is entirely irrelevant. I HEARD them speaking about it many, MANY times. That is all. But I never looked through the scope.

The ONLY reason you were contacted first was your forum appeared to be an open-minded myth/legend/mixed-with-facts site that could possibly understand what might be deliberately hidden from the rest of the world, for all time.”

And then Will went silent, stressing in his final correspondence that he had revealed too much and that legal proceedings had been initiated due to his perceived breach of confidence. Not surprisingly, no further update on the nature of the Panama / Costa Rica excavation was forthcoming.

Might Costa Rica yield the treasure of a Patriarch? (Tapantí National Park)

After approximately nine months of silence I was contacted on Christmas day, 2007, by one John Falshire, who claimed to be part of Will’s team.

I published John’s update on my Forum as instructed:

“This comes from Will, himself. We just spoke. Let your forum know this comes from me, John Falshire, a direct member of this team, writing from Panama on a blackberry on behalf of WILL.

Dear Andy…

The story of what I have shared is true…

So far, in relation to my access to everything on a need to know basis, I now have crystal clear information on the following:

• What was discovered 300 yards offshore from Oak Island.
• How it was accomplished, start to finish.
• How the items connect directly to a biblical figure.
• The Birch Isle connection and is there something left behind.
• The tree and branch and prism connection.
• How Panama and Costa Rica fit in the larger picture.
• How Canadian Officials cooperated with travel on water.
• This will all be verified via pictures in 2 months.

Your blog was used by me to make sure someone, anyone, had record of my part of this process in case I ended up missing…

My sister Tracy in Phoenix, Az. was reading from afar and documenting everything in case FBI would need to be called. Sorry for using your site as a protection site.

For all the Naysayers, be patient; the mystery of oak island is about to be put to rest, forever.


John’s next email followed within a day of his first and contained Will’s most detailed personal correspondence yet. I published it on my Forum but withheld certain names, as I had done on another occasion when Will had identified public figures allegedly associated with the treasure quest. The correspondence read as follows:

“Once again Andy, I write this in the middle of nowhere on a 1st gen blackberry.

Dear Gough bloggers:

My name is Will Deleon Dubois. I am the adopted son of a recognized London-based Scientist and a quiet yet brilliant forensic archaeologist whom has been well funded by a petroleum tycoon for the past 12 yrs to find a particular religious, possibly fabled, item. Dubois is my real father’s name whom I recently reached out to – 4 yrs ago – and in honor took his name.

Everyone on this site acts and appears to be an expert on Oak Isle. Even the property owners of the x10 site and surroundings areas act like they ‘know’ something about what is buried beneath their heels, yet not a single shred of evidence of anything substantial has ever been found minus a few pathetic artifacts that any donation store or standard flea market could provide. I can say that you are all right and all wrong. This is why:

Instead of putting your unquestionably formidable minds to use to discover the truths about one of the worlds greatest mysteries you slander and quibble over who is right and who is wrong – who said what or how. Try concentrating on your constants….your variables, then see what remains.

Many of your theories are eerily accurate but others have lambasted your ideas…which decimated the correct path that took years to theorize. Are you people afraid of knowing the truth – the real truth? Or are you just afraid YOUR theory is not right. What is it? Ask yourself who benefits the most via tours / books / websites etc……and there is your problem.

I can’t say much about our previous operations until 2 months from now – when pictures will be available and more info will be provided directly to me so I don’t get it wrong. Heaven forbid, I’d never hear the end of it, would I?

What I Can Say Right Now…
Anything on land was / is a semi-red herring. The water bell theory by Cerris is reasonably accurate for how another device was set into literal motion; a resin coated thatch system created by minds far greater than I can describe here in words.

There is much truth to the pond swamp but it was clearly not the focus of our group. Treasure was not the focus, whatsoever. A basic scuba team with proper equipment and lights should reveal odd markings near or on the tree stump, or round plate of some sort below it that will lead to greater things. It’s just a very good guess though. Our team knew of a tree with markings or plate with markings that marked the roof of some chamber.

The pick marks are irrelevant and not from the same time. It’s probably an anomaly of science caused by something current and explainable.

The general center of the pond must be the key considering how water over time works…..and how a bathtub works: fill and drain and fill and drain. This is exactly what the original architects intended I think? We knew that a bell chamber of some sort holds something of value below a spot that is probably below that pond. The direction and distance almost adds up based on what I heard (not saw). I would bet the bell chamber finally broke its integrity and a seep hole from the chamber rose to the surface to form a man made lake/pond? Good luck to those locals who control the pond. May they find their answers.

I will soon have copied documents from the Royalty of Spain and Portugal circa 1590 that demands at least 16 decoys and obstructions to be set in multiple areas up and down the coast all the way to Bermuda, before the ‘beloved is carried to his place of rest.’ Those that carried this ‘beloved’ across the Atlantic in a boat (named either ‘Pura Vida’ OR ‘Pura Viesta’) numbered 12. Is this Representative of apostles? Who knows… It is absolute truth that 10 of these 12 willingly took their own lives before a Royal Court in Portugal or Morocco (not sure) in 1598 on behalf of eternal silence. The fate of the other 2 is unknown entirely. They are believed to become priests or apart of the same Royal Court in some manner. It’s not known but simply a best guess.

Sir Isaac Newton had something to do with the construction of the amber coated capsule this beloved lied within. That is an accepted truth among the entire project leaders, based on solid info from documents discovered at his winter residence in the late 1800s or so or given to a notable scientist in London by the great great, great, nephew of a dear friend of Isaac himself; held in confidence by a London family until 1982 and purchased by our oil tycoon which stirred his imagination into action…and here we are.

Stop fighting with words. Start working together to discover the other things left behind by those far smarter than thee.


Oak Island Swamp – natural or an extension of the Pit. © Photo by David Van Vugt

This is Will’s story – for now, subject to further reports.

I would like to underscore the fact that I neither condone nor condemn Will’s story. If it is proven to be a hoax, then so be it. If it can beat the odds and receive confirmation by impartial sources, then we have quite a story. However, history does not bode well for the stories authenticity; one needs look no further than the fraud, deceit and misdirection of the Rennes-le-Château mystery to conclude that.  Yet we are told that pictures are about to be produced that will confirm Will’s story. And I for one hope he delivers, as promised. Time will tell, however, and all I know for certain is we have not heard the last from Will.