What On Earth Series 2

I am pleased to announce that Series 2 of the six-part documentary, ‘What on Earth’ starts on Tuesday the 26th of January, at 9PM (EST), on the U.S. Science Channel, and runs for 6 weeks. As with Series 1, I appear in each episode of the fascinating show.

Better one

I love the format of the program, which allows me to explore anomalous satellite images and investigate the curious truth behind them, such as Episode One of the new series, which includes “Desperate signs from lost veterans in Vietnam captured by satellite. A fleet of massive ships stranded in the middle of a vast desert. Strange walls stretching vast distances across Northern California. Just what on earth are they?”

Episide 1

I hope you can tune in and catch some of the show.

7 thoughts on “What On Earth Series 2

  1. Fascinating TV show, running on the Discovery channel on Friday! Impressive phenomena like the great underwater tsunami, the potential live volcano threat from the south of Italy, the face of an Indian on a vast landscape area and many more. I’ve been enjoying it very much indeed so far. Also looking forward for watching the “Forbidden History” show starting on the 27 January on the History Channel.
    Great work! Cheers!
    Aneta B.

    • Aneta hi. Thank you very much. I am pleased you like the first episode and also really happy that you follow Forbidden History on the History Channel. I look forward to your feedback on both shows: )

      Thank you again.


  2. Hi, Andrew I’m very glad for this opportunity, my language habilities i’m feeling is’nt too much, but I’m enjoying
    very much your articles, congratulations!

    • Thank you very much. Kind of you. Thanks for following my work:)



  3. Andrew what a brilliant show and website I have found this by chance as I have been studying the bee goddess and it’s connection with masonic lodges and extraterrestrials who are the Grey’s personified as owls there is a strong connection with owls and abduction these are the owls at the feet of inanna Ishtar or as We Know her cebele .. all of the churches are and represent the meteorite goddess or should I say the meteorite planet Venus with her long trailing hair upright looks like a crown the one like our queen wears and with the Fleur de Lys which is not flower of the lily it is the Babylonian bee if you go to my site the Stortford watch on YouTube you see I can prove that these beings aliens exist and I would like to talk further thank you again for all your fantastic work obviously you know everything anyway but Venus is the light bringer Lucifer Lucy the torch bearer cybele

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