Maya Kings as Bee Gods

I recently returned from a fascinating trip to Mexico, where I toured many Olmec, Toltec, Mayan and Aztec archaeological sites. While exploring these amazing places is not unusual, I suspect that few have investigated them for evidence of bee veneration. I am pleased to say that what I discovered exceeded my expectations.

While the bulk of my findings will be featured in future articles for the Heretic Magazine, I would like to share one observation that I think is quite astonishing. Mayan bee-gods were male, which itself is quite unusual, and were known as the ‘Saviour God’. Why? Hold that thought.

What is truly remarkable is that the Mayan king associated himself with Venus, a male deity and the most important planetary object of the Maya. Where this gets interesting is that the Maya believed Venus, symbolically, was a bee, due to its intelligent movements; like many ancients, the Maya appear to have been aware of the bee’s peculiar, figure-of-eight-shaped waggle dance. As a result, it was common for the king to depict himself as a drone bee, complete with drone-bee eyes, and a protruding tongue with which to taste the honey of his kingdom. The images below are from the remote Mayan city of Palenque, situated deep in the Mexican jungle, but can be found at ancient sites all across Mexico.


Mayan Kings as Venus, the Bee God, Palenque © Andrew Gough


Mayan Kings as Venus, the Bee God, Palenque © Andrew Gough


Mayan Kings as Venus, the Bee God, Palenque © Andrew Gough

So why is the Mayan bee-god referred to as the ‘Saviour God’? The answer lies in Mayan mythology. The Maya believed that Venus and his brother, the Sun, descended into the underworld, where the Sun was killed by the God of Death. Venus (a bee) returned with the dead Sun’s head, which he turned into corn, which seeded mankind. Thus, the bee is known as the ‘Saviour God’. The image below, from the Mayan Venus Temple in Tulum, is known as the ‘Descending God’ and depicts Venus, the bee, complete with a bee tail, upside down, diving down to Earth to pollenate mankind.

Decending God

The Descending Bee God, Venus, Tulum. © Andrew Gough

Heretic Magazine Issue 7

I am pleased to share that the Heretic Magazine Issue 7 is now available. It’s a brilliant edition and I know you will love it.

H7 Articles

In Issue 7, I write about something that I feel has been overlooked, if not ignored, for far too long. I speak of the Sacred Salmon, the topic, and title, of my latest research for the Heretic Magazine.  In the article, I explore the esoteric significance of the unassuming salmon, a creature which has emerged through history as the quintessential symbol of wisdom, and which was held sacred by the Druids, Celts, Picts and countless indigenous communities. I hope you enjoy it, and I would love your feedback.


And of course you can check out the Sacred Salmon as part of Issue 7 here.

Also new in Issue 7, I speak out in my video editorial about a few things that have been on my mind recently, namely the state and fate of our honeybees, the senseless destruction of world heritage sites from antiquity, and my interview with Graham Hancock, on the 20th anniversary of his seminal work, Fingerprints of the Gods. You can view it here.

Andrews Editorial

Stay tuned for more, soon. In a weeks time I will embark on a research trip to Mexico.



Original Sin

In my most recent article, I traveled to the Turkish/Syrian border in search of the truth behind the dogma of Original Sin. What I discovered suggests that the biblical account of the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden may not be what it seems, and that the notion of Original Sin may be a memory of the last Pagan god of the ancient world, the Mesopotamian god, Sin.

Original Sin

Researching “Original Sin” at the ancient university and observatory, in Harran, Turkey.

I hope you enjoy it. I had a great time researching it.

You can read it here.

Capricorn Radio

I was recently interviewed by Heather Elizabeth Osborn and Edward James Swager for their Capricorn Radio Program, and really enjoyed the range of subjects we discussed, which included the sacred honey bee, Atlantis, and even why Noah was found naked and passed out in his tent after the great flood.

Click on the image above, or here, to watch it.

I hope you can check it out.



The (New) Heretic Issue 6

I’m excited to introduce Issue 6 of the new Heretic Magazine (of which I am the Editor). As usual, its loaded with the best and brightest writers in the alternative history and mystery genre, as well as the remarkable designs of my good friend, the Heretic Creative Director, Mark Foster. It’s simply not to be missed.


Additionally, you should check out our new website. It’s another Mark Foster marvel.

Further, you can watch my Issue 6 video Editorial here.

Thanks for have a look around.  I hope you like it.

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