Andrew Gough

First and foremost, I am an enthusiast of history’s mysteries. I am Editor of The Heretic Magazine, a digital magazine featuring leading voices in the genres of alternative history, religion and science. It is a magazine that reflects my interests and is produced in partnership with my long-time collaborator, and friend, the Heretic’s Creative Director, Mark Foster, as well as Beth Johnson, my friend and the best sub-editor in the business.

I am passionate about disseminating new information. To that end I previously served as Editor of Mindscape, an ancient and alternative history magazine. I also presented 12 episodes of Mindscape TV for UK television, interviewing many esoteric and controversial figures in the process. Additionally, I was Director of the Institute for the Study of Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISIS). I also served as Chairman of the distinguished Rennes-le-Château research society, the Rennes Group.

In recent years I have enjoyed contributing as a subject-area enthusiast, and presenter, to documentaries and film projects. I have been busy and in 2014 a number of new and exciting projects will debut in markets all around the globe.  Like the television and film projects I have participated in to date, details of these projects are highlighted in the TV & Film section of this web site. 

With my day-to-day duties firmly planted in the corporate world, I have yet to complete my most ambitious projects. I have, however, written for publications of all kinds and am an active presenter on the conference circuit, including keynote presentations at some of Europe’s premier events.

I am currently writing, and conducting continuous research for, The Hidden Hive of History: The Forgotten Goddess of the Ancients.  The book explores a sacred tradition that has existed for over 100 million years and which reveals new insights into Atlantis, the fabled labyrinth of Knossos, the Sphinx and much more. It explores the foundations of religion, politics, the Illuminati and the mysterious seafarers who became the drug lords of the ancient world and rulers of souls in the afterlife. It is about the honey bee, which, I argue, is the real lost tradition and the forgotten goddess of the ancients.

The Hidden Hive of History

The cover of The Hidden Hive of History


I was born and raised in Chicago, before moving to London in 1996. I lived in London for 16 years before relocating to Istanbul, Turkey, in 2013 and it is here that I live and work today.  I have many interests, besides history’s mysteries. I am an avid Chicago Cubs baseball fan and support the Minnesota Vikings NFL football team. My favourite colour is purple. My favourite food is Italian. I like cats, and listen mostly to indie rock and pop. My favourite bands are Joy Division and The Smiths.

Thank you again for visiting and for getting to know me. I hope you enjoy the web site.



I have been captivated by historical conundrums and mysteries of all kinds for as long as I can remember. My quest has led me on expeditions across the ancient world, where I have been humbled and inspired, not only by the extraordinary accomplishments of our ancestors, but also by the spirit of those we share the planet with today.

Along the way I have learned that it is not the information that matters, but illumination, and this requires commitment, tolerance and an open mind. No source of enlightenment should be arbitrarily dismissed or rejected – and this is why: for example, I have studied with the Spanish Kabbalist who mentored Jean Cocteau and Salvador Dalí. Yet my journey is not unique and that is why I have created this website – to share my insights and to learn from yours.

You will have undoubtedly noticed that the design of the website is inspired by the bee and its hive. Not only is the bee a source of endless fascination, but it symbolises the wisdom of the ages and the duality of our times: mortality and regeneration, hope and despair, industry and contemplation. This web site is lavishly designed by Mark Foster, for whose creativity I am eternally grateful.

If you are here for the first time, I thank you. I hope you find reason to return. If you have visited the previous incarnations of my web site, then welcome back. And if you are looking for the Discussion Forum, it is about to move to The Heretic Magazine web site.

Contact me. Let me know your thoughts. Together, we can go further, faster.

Seize the day!

Andrew Gough

Andrew Gough